Interview with Gilles Juan, Director of ICAN

Introduce ICAN in a few words.

ICAN, the establishment of the Réseau des Grandes Écoles Spécialises (GES network), is one of the references in the teaching of digital design. It offers courses of excellence from Bac to Bac + 5, enabling to obtain diplomas recognized by the state level 2 and level 1. At ICAN, throughout their course, the selected students develop their creativity, Their curiosity, and their skills, while acquiring working methods and mastering digital tools. The proposed pedagogy favors exchanges between students, confirmed teachers, professionals, researchers, creators or recognized consultants.

ICAN students also have access to 5 educational laboratories (including a 3D lab & video game lab and a mobile development lab), 300 PCs equipped, 80 digital creative software, and a television production unit. They are also accompanied by the GHG network which has set up more than 2500 partnerships with companies.

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What training courses are offered to students who wish to work in the world of graphics and design?

ICAN offers 7 different courses:

The Bachelor Game Design: More than a passion for video games, their creation!

The creation of a video game requires conceptual, artistic and technical skills. The Game Design section of ICAN provides training on the principles and techniques of interactive game design. Opportunities: Game Designer, Game Designer, Level Designer, Game Tester, Community Manager, etc.

The Bachelor 3D Design and Animation: Bringing life to a digital project!

This Bachelor is aimed at all fans of animated films and special effects who dream one day of giving birth to creations in a digital environment. Opportunities: 2D Animator, 3D Animator, Modeler, Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Game Artist, Character Designer, etc.

The Bachelor Web Design and Graphic Communication: Become a Web professional!

This specialization allows you to learn how to create websites, to develop your creative, artistic and computer skills in a particularly dynamic sector to become a web professional. Opportunities: Web Designer, Webmaster, Webdesigner, Web Integrator, Web Architect, Webmaster, etc.

At the end of their third year at ICAN, students are awarded a diploma recognized by the State level 2. They have the possibility of continuing their studies until Bac + 5 by choosing one of the 4 Masters programs offered at the ICAN (Diplomas recognized by the State Level 1):

Game Design Masters

This specialization studies, from the programming angle, the mathematical, logical and algorithmic aspects of 3D Animation, sound techniques, modeling and animation of objects. The languages and techniques covered allow to develop or improve the engines of artificial intelligence, physics (collisions, gravity, explosion), graphic rendering and real-time sound systems to give life to simulated objects and universes .

3D Mastère & Animation Interactive

For the animation, the Illustrator and the Draftsman realize the characters and decors while the Modeler and the Matte Painter will put in volume. The elements will be dressed in materials by the Textureur, set in motion by the Animator and highlighted by the Lighting Designer. Special effects will be added while the Compositing Specialist will harmonize the different sources of images. Of course, the digitization of cartoon production means that 2D Animators have their place in their own right.

Master’s Degree in Management and Digital Entrepreneurship

This channel of ICAN allows to learn to realize web sites delivering a natural and effective navigation experience, and to construct graphic supports. While developing the students’ communication, artistic and technical skills to develop a coherent digital project.

Master User eXperience Design

This Masters course is designed to enable developers to develop effective digital interfaces and interactive experiences with strong identity, whether in the form of a smartphone application, an interactive website or a geolocated device. It is about understanding the psychology of the user and offering the latter innovative and engaging situations, giving pride of place to emotions.

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What are the strengths of ICAN?

There are two major advantages. First of all, ICAN’s training is both very creative and closely linked to the changes in society. We learn to master the latest digital tools, to invent and design the world