IS Could Utilize ‘Children’s Terrorist’ During Next European Terrorist Attacks

The Islamic nation (IS), the Islamic extremist militant, could use a “child terrorist” if it attacks next Europe, a Dutch counterterrorist official warned on Monday (local time).

Dutch terrorist and security coordinators, the chief executive of the Dutch terrorist organization, said that the Dutch Jihadist (Islamist temple) returned to the Netherlands after returning from activities in Syria, And that children are among them.

“IS will not hesitate to use the children to commit a terrorist attack,” he said.

“Children (influenced by IS) do not need to be converted to Islam (from other religions) to eat the values ​​of extremism from their young age,” he said. “Minors who grow up in a region declared as (Islamic) He said that those who do not follow Islamic teachings should be killed. ”

Based on this, he was brainwashed in a region declared as a Muslim kingdom, and expressed concern about the return of children who were ready to use violence.

“(IS) describes children as happy and free ‘warriors,'” he said. “We talk a lot about the role that IS has given to children in the propaganda of the IS,” the children claimed to be IS victims.

“So we have to look at how it is appropriate to take care of, take some safety measures and get involved when they come back,” he said.

According to the report, the IS is declared a Muslim kingdom among Iraqi and Syrian territories. Currently, there are 190 Dutch nationals serving as a jihadist, including 15 to 20 minors aged 9 or older who begin combat training .

It is reported that 60 to 70 Dutch children are staying in IS-active areas.

“The threat of terrorism is real, but there is no concrete evidence that a terrorist attack is planned,” the report added.

The Netherlands is currently the fourth highest level of the five terrorism alert levels.