Marion Legros (SUP’Internet): Students in the Web all want to create the web of tomorrow

On the occasion of the Employment Week in the digital sector, FrenchWeb is going through training courses to work in the digital sector.

SUP’Internet is a private school of the Ionis Education Group, teaching different trades related to the Web. Three different curricula are offered to students: Web Technologies and Development, Web Design, and Web Marketing. The training is accessible after the bac and lasts three years.

More details with Marion Legros, Deputy Director of SUP’Internet.

FrenchWeb: What are the new jobs on the Web?

Marion Legros, Deputy Director of SUP’Internet: There are three main trades that have just emerged. First, the Mobile Web Project Manager. It develops and implements new mobile site projects or applications, is in charge of the drafting of specifications and allocates the necessary resources. The Mobile Web Project Manager must integrate new services and functionalities in line with the company’s overall marketing strategy while monitoring the market trends and user behaviors.

Second, there’s the Digital Evangelist. He is responsible for the development of digital culture within an organization. It must evaluate the teams in place and develop a transformation plan. Advising management and sales teams, marketing and advertisers, he monitors developments. The digital evangelist should regularly analyze and monitor best practices and other digital trends.

Finally, there is the Social Media Manager. It develops a strategy of presence on different social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Viadeo, Pinterest, etc.) and tries to influence the different communities. It must constantly be on standby to watch the competition, to decipher the trends but also to manage the crises.

There are others like Creative technologist and UX Designer ….

What skills do you need to have access to these trades?

In the professions related to Web design, Web marketing and Web development, the skills sought are both “hard skills”, technical skills, for example the mastery of graphic tools or even the languages of Web programming or digital communication. But also “soft skills” such as adaptability, collective sense, stress management … as well as a well-informed web culture.

How can students know if the training is for them?

A SUP’Internet, our students get professional from the first year. Indeed, they must choose according to their professional project one of the expertise of the Web, namely Web design, Web development or Web marketing. These are all enthusiasts of the digital world attracted by this prospect of making the Web of tomorrow.

Which companies are recruiting in the web sector?

All companies combined (SMEs, agencies, advertisers, start-ups …).

What are the salaries that students can claim upon leaving their education?

The average exit in Bac + 3 at SUP’Internet is 36,000 euros per year.

SUP’Internet: Location: Paris Duration: 3 years Admission: on file after the baccalauréat Price: 6 400 euros the first year, 7 000 euros the second and the 3rd year, 485 euros ancillary costs each year.

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