Europe Welcomes Netherlands’ General Election Results

On the 15th in the Dutch general election, the votes of the ultra-rightist populist parties were lower than expected, and the European nations welcomed the bombing of Ando.

Jean-Claude Juncker, chairman of the Executive Board of the European Commission, called Marc Luther, “This election was a vote against Europe and a vote against extremism.”

According to the results of the midterm election, the Democratic Liberal Democratic Party retained the first party with 33 out of 150 seats. On the other hand, the far-right Liberal Party, which was predicted to occupy about 30 seats in the first and second place in the pre-election polls, rose to the second party with only 20 seats.

Germany and France, who had shown great interest in the general election, said they welcomed it first. German Chancellor Angela Merkel called for a general election in September and said she would like to congratulate her on the occasion of her election as a friend and neighbor and hope to continue cooperating with Europeans. . Germany’s foreign minister, Zigmag Gabriel, said the election would be “a victory for Europe.”

France, which is ahead of the first round of the presidential election on March 23, welcomed the results of the general election in the Netherlands. “The value of openness and respect for others and the belief in the future of Europe is the only true response to (exclusive) nationalism and isolationism that is shaking the world,” the French government said in a statement in the name of President Francois Hollande.

Italy ‘s Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni said in social media: “No, the neck seat (withdrawal from the European Union in the Netherlands). The right-wing opposition to the European Union has been lost in the Dutch general election. ”

The reaction of the European list price to the “European Union withdrawal from the UK”, the United States ‘priority on the launch of the Donald Trump administration, and Germany, France, the Netherlands, Austria and other major European countries’ anti-immigration, anti- It is interpreted as reflecting the vigilance of the shaking off of European unity by the preponderance of extreme right populism parties.

EU Pushes Independant Sanctions on North Korea

The European Union has said it will carry out additional sanctions against North Korea in the afternoon of June 6, while the international community is increasingly concerned about North Korea’s nuclear missile threat.

The European Union has banned 28 member states from investing in North Korea ‘s conventional weapons – related industries, metalworking, metalworking and aerospace, which were announced hours before the US – China summit.

It also banned individuals and institutions in North Korea from providing computer-related services, mining, chemical manufacturing, and refining services.

The European Union said in a statement on sanctions against North Korea that it has added four other officials in charge of developing nuclear, missile and weapons of mass destruction to the sanctions list.

As a result, the European Union has increased the number of individuals subject to travel restrictions and freeze sanctions to 41 individuals and 7 institutions.

The European Union explained the sanction, saying North Korea ‘s actions were a violation of the UN Security Council resolution and a serious threat to international peace and security.

He urged North Korea to give up its nuclear program through negotiations with the international community.

To stop reliable and meaningful dialogue with the international community to stop provocative actions and to destroy all nuclear weapons and existing nuclear and missile programs in a complete, verifiable and irreversible manner.

Reuters and AFP reported that the European Union has begun sanctions against North Korea since 2006, and that the sanctions have continued to rise as North Korea continues to provoke it.

In particular, AFP reported on the news of the additional sanctions, including chemical-related sanctions, and in February, Kim Jong-eun described the case of Kim Jong-nam, the head of the North Korean Labor Party, killed through chemical weapons.

On February 27, the European Union (EU) set up sanctions against North Korea, centering on economic sectors such as the ban on imports of coal and iron ore according to the UN resolution on North Korea adopted in November last year. In this month’s additional sanctions, But also to put an emphasis on suppressing.

IS Could Utilize ‘Children’s Terrorist’ During Next European Terrorist Attacks

The Islamic nation (IS), the Islamic extremist militant, could use a “child terrorist” if it attacks next Europe, a Dutch counterterrorist official warned on Monday (local time).

Dutch terrorist and security coordinators, the chief executive of the Dutch terrorist organization, said that the Dutch Jihadist (Islamist temple) returned to the Netherlands after returning from activities in Syria, And that children are among them.

“IS will not hesitate to use the children to commit a terrorist attack,” he said.

“Children (influenced by IS) do not need to be converted to Islam (from other religions) to eat the values ​​of extremism from their young age,” he said. “Minors who grow up in a region declared as (Islamic) He said that those who do not follow Islamic teachings should be killed. ”

Based on this, he was brainwashed in a region declared as a Muslim kingdom, and expressed concern about the return of children who were ready to use violence.

“(IS) describes children as happy and free ‘warriors,'” he said. “We talk a lot about the role that IS has given to children in the propaganda of the IS,” the children claimed to be IS victims.

“So we have to look at how it is appropriate to take care of, take some safety measures and get involved when they come back,” he said.

According to the report, the IS is declared a Muslim kingdom among Iraqi and Syrian territories. Currently, there are 190 Dutch nationals serving as a jihadist, including 15 to 20 minors aged 9 or older who begin combat training .

It is reported that 60 to 70 Dutch children are staying in IS-active areas.

“The threat of terrorism is real, but there is no concrete evidence that a terrorist attack is planned,” the report added.

The Netherlands is currently the fourth highest level of the five terrorism alert levels.

Hyundai Small SUV to Launch in Europe

KONA, a new compact sport utility vehicle to be added to Hyundai’s lineup, is expected to launch in Europe at the end of this year after its first show at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show.

Hyundai expects to increase its market share in Europe through Kona.

“Hyundai Motor plans to enter the subcompact crossover segment, which is booming in Europe with Kona as its front line, and sales at the Frankfurt Motor Show will be publicized after September and full-fledged sales will begin at the end of the year,” the US auto magazine Automotive News said. .

The media quoted Hyundai Motor official channel as saying, “Kona said that Hyundai is the model that will play a decisive role in winning the market share among other Asian companies that have entered Europe by 2021.”

Toyota’s sales in Asia last year grew by 7 percent to 596,515 units, while Nissan fell 1.2 percent to 549,013 units. Hyundai Motor sold 499,222 units, up 4%.

Automotive News predicts Kona will compete with Renault Captur and Nissan Juke when it launches in Europe.

In addition, the new car will be equipped with four-wheel drive technology through sharing parts with Hyundai Santa Fe, which is expected to serve as a feature of the competition model.

On the other hand, Hyundai decided to name a small SUV on Kona on March 3rd and officially declared its entry into the small SUV market. Kona is the name of a resort located on the northwest side of Hawaii’s Big Island, following the naming of Hyundai’s traditional SUV model, which uses Santa Fe, Tucson, Veracruz and other world-renowned resorts.

According to Hyundai, Kona is not only practical for innovative designs, but also has the best performance and safety in its class. Hyundai also unveiled its teaser image for the first time along with the car name disclosure. The teaser image emphasizes a sharp, forward-looking impression with LED light source applied to the front of the vehicle.